Not a lot of thought goes into your electrical panel, we usually walk in and simply turn the lights on. However, upgrading your panel is very important. An electrical panel upgrade can cost up to $2200 depending on the size of the board and what other work may need to be done to bring it up to spec. You’re risking an electrical fire if you leave an obsolete panel active. Your electrical panel is the heart of the home which distributes electricity,.If your panel is not functioning properly, it may create a variety of issues and risks for your home.

Here are a few tell tale signs for when your home needs an electrical panel upgrade.

  1. Old or faulty wiring

If your panel is new but your lights are still flickering, this means your wires are old or faulty. There are some other signs to identify if the flickering is due to the wiring. A burning smell near appliances or you feel a tingling sensation when you touch an appliance, then you know it;s due to faulty wiring. If your home was built before 2000, chances are your wiring is old and should be replaced.

2. Failing or Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers act as a protector to prevent electrical fires by preventing short circuits or overloading. It interrupts the electrical flow when it detects an issue to prevent further damage. An odd trip here or there can be fixed by resetting the breaker and going back to regular living. However, if your breaker frequently trips, you need to get an electrician over quickly to fix the panel.

3. You plan on remodelling or adding an extension

More home means more appliances and lighting to power. Panels are generally selected for homes based on the amount of rooms, plugs and general electrical needs. If you plan to add new rooms or utilise more large electrical outlets, you may need to upgrade your panel to a larger one which will meet your electrical needs.

4. The panel often feels warm

Unlike light bulbs, your panel should never feel warm to the touch. A warm panel often means damaged or frayed wires which may result in an open flame. Open flames in electrical panels usually result in electrical fires which damage appliances and your home.

We usually don’t pay attention to the electrical panel in our homes or the wiring in the walls. Paying attention to your electrical nervous system may prevent your home from experiencing a nasty electrical fire. There are a few signs to show when your panel needs an upgrade so make sure to pay attention.

If you notice any of the above signs, make sure you call your trusted electrician to provide you with a professional opinion as to what the issue is and which panel you should upgrade to meet the demands of your household. Looking for a trusted electrician? Our team at PWR Out Electrical are qualified electricians and have years of industry experience to make sure you receive accurate and helpful advice with a high quality installation.